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We are a full service, forward-thinking, real estate franchisor with offices and agents across North America. Our unique business model, the EXIT Formula of single-level residuals, is one of our many differentiators. Residuals are revolutionizing our industry by fostering a mentorship culture of teaching, training and coaching and creating prosperity and the potential for unlimited financial returns.

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“I love the real estate business, and particularly love the EXIT Formula of residual income, because it allows me the opportunity to ‘feed my passion’ of helping others, whether in my own neighborhood or on the other side of the world.”
Elias Thomas
Franchisee and Associate Broker, EXIT Key Real Estate
“For me, having a third stream of income provides the security of knowing that I don’t have to stress every week trying to put together a deal. Of course that’s still my goal, but residuals give me peace of mind. You always know there’s a little extra coming your way.”
Jeff Mistretta
Sales Representative, EXIT Realty Achieve
“At EXIT there’s a family within the family. There’s nothing cutthroat, It’s all about sharing and caring and teaching and I love how there’s always somebody there to help you.”
Gayle Drogier
Associate Broker, EXIT Realty XL
“I have a long career of over 23 years in the real estate business and I know a great deal about what most of the other companies have to offer. I found that EXIT really is bringing something different, and their culture and community of EXIT is second-to-none.”
Major Boyd
Regional Director, EXIT Mid-Atlantic
“So many other companies really focus on success, but what attracted us to EXIT is this company focuses on being significant in others’ lives […] If you’re significant in enough peoples’ lives, you will always be successful.”
Kathy Dooley
Regional Owner, EXIT Realty of Mississippi and EXIT Realty Alabama
“We love being at EXIT. We came because of the formula with the residuals and the three-legged stool of income, but we love the technology and have been so happy with EXIT we’ve never looked back.”
Debi Blanton
Franchisee, EXIT Best Realty
“Since joining EXIT my life is better. I have a life, I have a support system, I’m having fun again. I’m doing what I love to do and making a lot of money, but I’m doing it with friends now, I feel like I’m part of a team. Don’t look back, don’t question this, take it and run with it — EXIT will be the best thing you ever do with your life.”
Janice Petteway
Franchisee, EXIT Real Estate Results


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A career as an agent is deeply social and involves cultivating many long-lasting relationships with buyers, sellers, their referrals, and other industry professionals. Helping people through one of the biggest transactions of their lifetime allows you to impact their lives as an integral part in this milestone moment.

We've built a strong foundation on top-shelf training, consistent branding, progressive technology, a culture second-to-none, and a business model that can provide peace of mind in an ever-changing industry.

If you’re looking for independence, flexibility, and versatility, have a passion for real estate, and enjoy working with people, this career is for you.

At EXIT Realty we provide a unique opportunity for agents to earn more than 100% with no desk fees.

The EXIT Formula unlocks explosive earnings potential. Discover how much additional income you could earn by trying out our residuals calculator.

My goal is to sponsor this many agents per year:
In my market, the average commission per deal is:
I believe the agents I sponsor could close this many transactions annually:

Based on the information entered, I could potentially earn this much in annual residual income paid by EXIT Realty Corp. International!


...and by recruiting the additional agents each year with the same production, over 10 years, this amounts to:


Important Note: This fun residual calculator is an estimation tool only designed to help you evaluate the unlimited income potential of the EXIT Formula. The results displayed do not take into consideration factors such as the sponsoring bonus fee, market shifts, variations in agent and sponsor productivity, and more.
For more information, please contact EXIT.


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Franchise Owner

  • Entrepreneur? Welcome home!
  • EXIT Realty Team


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Running a brokerage signifies a commitment to leadership in real estate. You can venture into the world and create a business from the ground up that reflects your values and managerial style. You’ll no longer be just a member of your community, but a pillar within it.

Exceptional leadership allows agents to see their full potential and reach unimaginable heights. The impact you can have on your own business and in the lives of agents, who become like family, is a remarkable experience. If you’ve got entrepreneurial vigor, channeling it into a brokerage can be a worthy and rewarding pursuit.

EXIT Realty provides a proven track to run on for Franchise entrepreneurs. Our recruiting and retention business model helps to weld agents to your office, our exceptional systems and training programs provide the structure and tools required for success, and our high-tech, high-touch approach is second-to-none. Let us help you grow your business.

personalized geolocation smart sign™ technology

Turn ANY Real Estate sign into an opportunity to engage potential clients via the mobile device

full idx for your exit agent website

Full IDX for your agent website allows potential home buyers to search all properties that are for sale within your MLS(s), branded to you.

Potential home buyers can search for homes that meet their criteria by selecting the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms they're looking for within their price range.

Give your buyers access to all listings on the market today with Full IDX for Your Agent Website!

enhanced mobile business cards™

Our Enhanced Mobile Business Card™ allows Associates to:

  • Provide potential clients the ability to text-in for ANY listing for sale on the MLS
  • Generate leads each time a potential client texts-in for ANY listing on the MLS
  • Directly send their contact info through SMS
  • Capture recipient's info and property interest(s)
  • Direct clients to their personal website for full IDX search
  • Provide clients with additional 'About Me' info

exit realty toolbox

Each member will receive (semi-annually) an exclusive box filled with both personal and professional tools recommended by EXIT executives. The box will fill its members with extra inspiration, motivation and excitement to continue developing into educated professionals.

The EXIT Tool Box will be sent to Broker Offices NOT to members individual home address.


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This is not intended and shall not be deemed to constitute any offer to sell a franchise. Franchise offerings shall only be made by a Franchise Discloser Document. Please disregard if you are currently under a contract with another brand.

Regional Owner

This incredible opportunity enables you to shape the future of an entire state or province and create a legacy within the region. Have you got what it takes?

Regional ownership is the culmination of a career in leadership. For those with the passion and aptitude, you’ll be leading other leaders and working towards creating an EXIT empire throughout your region.

Do you have an eye for talent? In this role, you’ll be building the region and identifying top brokers and producers as potential franchisees. Through your leadership and mentoring, you’ll be helping these exceptional candidates shine even brighter. Helping others realize their true potential and forging lifelong relationships along the way are some of the greatest rewards in life. It’s why we got into the people business.

The end goal of a regional owner is to spread the vision of EXIT Realty to enrich the lives of those around us. Regional ownership is a significant undertaking with considerable responsibility, but the rewards are proportional both personally and financially. Are you up to the challenge?


Choose your lifestyle

This is not intended and shall not be deemed to constitute any offer to sell a franchise. Franchise offerings shall only be made by a Franchise Discloser Document. Please disregard if you are currently under a contract with another brand.

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